In a Nutshell

MOOSE is a research lab specializing in intelligent maintenance, operations, and observation of large and complex software systems, including traditional systems and emerging systems (e.g., AI-based and quantum systems).

Current Members

Heng Li

Software monitoring, performance engineering, AIOps, mining software repositories, software quality engineering

Roozbeh Aghili

AIOps, software monitoring, software testing

Amin Ghadesi

Mining software repositories, AI engineering

Xingfang Wu

Log analytics, AIOps, mining software repositories, NLP

Kaveh Shahedi

Performance analytics, performance modelling, software tracing

Qiaolin (Isabelle) Qin

Data quality engineering, data anomaly detection


Bhagya C

Mining software repositories, sports analytics, NLP

Vaibhav Ganatra

Quantum machine learning

Xiufan Li

Quantum software monitoring

Kun Che Tsai

ML system monitoring